Feb 13, 2010

The World Smallest Postal Service

In San Francisco and its environs is a "postal service" WSPS (World's Smallest Postal Service).
She has no office, and works in the office "only one person. However, customers who turned in WSPS, can send "most small letters in the world. "
Initiated and actually postmaster - artist Lia Redmond (Lea Redmond). Become her client in two ways: or watch the calendar and find out where the next time will be taking orders for "mobile office" services (usually in cafes and shops), or consult the Leah the Internet.
A principle of WSPS follows. Customer wrote longhand, in which, however, should not be more than 120 words, and passes it to Redmond. Artist rewrites the text on the tiny leaves the size of 2,5 x 4 cm, and then puts them in a miniature envelope, and that importantly, strengthens letter wax seal.
In addition to the English artist can write a letter example, Russian and Greek. His "tiny" calligraphic ability Leah says natural talent.
Next mini-message gets accustomed to this email packaging and comes with a magnifying glass. In the end the customer decides what to do with the letter: Leah can send it myself or give to your customer's hands.
Services WSPS - not free. Three-letter or two-card are equally - Eight dollars (cost of delivery in an amount not included).


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